Youngest DMC World DJ Competition Champion Ever, 12-Year-Old DJ Rena



For the first time ever, at the DMC World DJ Competition in London, a 12-year-old by the name of DJ Rena is the youngest DJ to ever receive the World DMC Champion title. Disco Mix Club (DMC) is a remix label for professional DJ’s that started out by distributing monthly mixes on cassettes tapes to DJ members in 1983. DMC has since evolved with the years by moving mixes to vinyls, CDs, and now downloads. It has seen jaw dropping live talent since it launched its first ever World DJ Championship in 1985. DJ’s have been known to do crazy performances at the championships like scratching with bicycles and even kitchen sinks. DMC has provided DJ’s with a stepping stone to fame since its birth. Famous DJ’s like America’s, DJ Cash Money, who remixed tracks with rappers like Snoop Dogg and Busta Rhymes, and was the first inductee into the DJ Hall of Fame, won the 1988 World Championship, 3 years after it began. Now, 32 years later, a 12-year-old prodigy made the judge’s jaws drop as his beats did the same.

He Stole The Show

After competing against seven other DJ’s Sunday night, in the final round of the competition, he stole the show and the champion title. DJ Rena topped the lists of eight out of the 11 judges at the final competition after he rips it up for only six minutes. This year’s finalists included DJ’s from the USA, France, Brazil, New Zealand, Denmark, Australia, and the home of the champion, Japan. Before he could perform in the final competition he had to compete against 16 other DJ’s in a semi-final competition. He topped every judges list but one as the top semi-finalist, where nine other DJ’s were eliminated. He was smiling, dancing, and enjoying himself so causally that he made DJing look like a walk in the park.

DJ Rema’s Insane Talent

Everyone in the crowd could enjoy this young man’s performance because he mixed a diversity of genres such as old-school hip hop, rock, and EDM. DJ Rena effortlessly won over the crowd by featuring and recreating classic songs that were older than him, including Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode,” and Tag Team’s “Whoomp!” His hands were gliding so fast and smoothly over the turn-table that it was almost impossible to keep up with them visually. He took the audience on a musical roller coaster as he mixed slow flows with fast flows and back again.DJ Rema kept the audience captivated by mixing a smooth musical beat where you may find yourself snapping your fingers just for him to begin a hardcore rip sesh that makes you want to get up and head bang. He accomplished so much in his performance it was hard to believe it was only six minutes long.

How Much Experience Could a 12-Year-Old Have?

Well, DJ Rena has been DJing for a third of his life since he started at age 8. This is not DJ Rena’s first ever performance, let alone first championship. He has won six other DJ competitions across the world and has placed in 13 competitions, including the Monster DJ battle, DMC Japan, and Kamikaze Portable.

Championship Prize

DJ Rena, along with winning his championship title, won a brand-new, special edition, gold colored, Rane Seventy-Two, Premium two-channel Scratch mixer. This mixer has not even dropped yet. It will become available to the public in December for a whopping $1899. “The Rane SEVENTY-TWO represents the perfect blend of old-school basics and new-school advances.” states the overview of the product on Guitar Centers website. After watching DJ Rena’s set and reading the product overview, it seems like this mixer and champion DJ Rena ironically have a lot in common, maybe this was just meant to be.

DJ Rena’s Impact

DJ Rena is an inspiration for young kids across the world to pursue their passion. By putting your time and effort into something you love, you might just win a world championship.