Will Lebron Even be a Cavalier Next Year?

The finals are over and the king of the NBA was crowned but, it wasn’t King James that held up the coveted NBA trophy. This has sparked a buzz on the soon-to-be free agent’s next move will be. Lebron James has been known to leave a failed team in order to join another that has the potential to win the finals.

With the resent news of Cavs general manger David Griffin leaving the organization, it gives Lebron all the more reason to part ways as well in order to chase down another title. Recent speculation has many fingers pointing Lebron to the LA Clippers as a solid choice. It was announced that Jerry West would come on board as a consultant for the Clippers. This is very important because West and James have built strong relationship over the years with their experiences in the NBA. West would be the perfect recruiter to convince James to come to LA. Secondly, Lebron owns a home in LA and has increased his off the court business interest within the community, making it the most logical choice for him to want to be a Clipper.

Even though its too early to make a solid prediction, speculation on where the superstar is going will be a hot topic that everyone will argue over for the next few months.