Uber Is Making Some Uber Changes To Their App

Just recently, Uber announced some changes coming to their app.

In the upcoming weeks, users will be able to access a “chat area” where they can communicate with their driver, instead of having to use a phone number.

When a driver gets the message, it will be read out loud so they can focus on the road.

Drivers can mark that they have read the message by sending a thumbs up to the rider with one tap. Both drivers and riders will see if the chat has been delivered and received.

According to CNN, “Uber already masks drivers’ and riders’ phone numbers using its own anonymization technology, along with third-party services, to route phone calls and texts.”

The company announced a new option on Thursday that lets users add up to three stops to a single trip.

Previously, Uber customers had to either change their destination in the middle of a trip or meet friends at one place to catch the same ride.

To use the feature, tap “Where to?” and then the “+” option. From there, you can add the addresses of the stops and request a ride. Users can also make changes during the trip and add or remove stops in real time.

Riders can split the fare of the trip, but it will be divided evenly and not by the cost of each stop. The feature is not available for UberPOOL rides.