Top EDM Artists Will Release New Music This Week

We are bringing you all the latest updates on EDM releases this week and coming soon, from your favorite artists, like NGHTMRE, Marshmello, RL Grime, and many more rising EDM artists. With Halloween on its way, we are expecting some scary exciting new releases from EDM DJs across the world. Keep a lookout this Friday, as the best of the best, drop their brand new releases.

NGHTMRE’s,”The Killer”, Drops This Friday

NGHTMRE, one of the top EDM producers, is releasing the second track of his EP, featuring two of his best friends, Bret James and RNSOM, this Friday Oct. 20, via the record label, Mad Decent. The track is called “The Killer” and the beat explains it all. NGHTMRE and his co-artists have all released previews of the track on their Twitter accounts. This song is definitely an early Halloween track, with the chorus featuring a man saying, “I’m not the killer” which is hard to believe as it floods with dark, creepy bass. The beat drop is plain funky, this is not a track you want to dance to, this is a track you want to rock to and get grimy to. The track is so creepy it may end up in your NGHTMREs.

“You and Me”, Marshmello’s New Track, Releases Friday.

Marshmello, known for wearing a marshmallow shaped headpiece, which covers the identity of one of the top EDM DJs underneath, is dropping a brand-new track this Friday, Oct. 20, according to his tweet today. Since he did not release a sneak peek we have no idea what to expect with an artist as brilliant as Marshmello. Though Halloween is coming up, Marshmello is known for his hype music that gets the vibes and juices flowing at any festival. But do not be confused, Marshmello throws down and we will not put it past him to throw some trap bass and thick heavy dub in his new release. Whether his new track, “You and Me”, has the crowd twerking or head bobbing, will be revealed this Friday, so keep an eye out for his brand-new track.

Said The Sky, Is Dropping a New Track This Friday, Oct. 20.

Said The Sky, an up and coming EDM artist, is supposedly dropping a new track this Friday, Oct. 20. He put out a tweet today hinting at a new release, with this Friday’s date and a possible album cover. When a fan directly responded to the tweet by asking if this is going to be a new drop, Said the Sky responded with a slick, winking face.  He only produces music flowing with chill vibes. The experience of the music almost makes you feel like you’re flying. His beats incorporate sounds of twinkling and splashing, with slight bass which all come together to form this melody that inevitably puts you in a good mood. Fans are really looking forward to their favorite upbeat artist laying some new tracks this Friday.

Stefan Engblom, Set To Release a Track, The Day Before Halloween.

Stefan Engblom, a rising EDM artist, is dropping a new track, under his own name for the first time Oct. 30, through his record label, Spinnin Records. Engblom has released a sneak-peek on Sound Cloud and it has his fans stoked. The upbeat tempo colliding with subtle dark bass undertones makes this track the perfect way to get down on Halloween. Pure Adrenaline, is the name of the track and there is no better way to explain it. Between the tempo, the vibe, and the beat drops this track makes you want to dance all night long.

Will David Gravell Drop His Work Sooner or Later?

David Gravell, plans to release his new track, On The Move, sometime soon according to the Instagram video he posted yesterday. He has not released a preview or a final release date at this time, but stay alert for both, in the next few days. Gravell typically incorporates smooth transitions, airy beat drops, and relaxing flows into his music. His beats force you to close your eyes while imagining yourself in the middle of the crowd, during one of his sets. You can almost feel the wind blowing by your face as you begin to dance effortlessly. The beat drops are not dirty, but they are smooth and you can’t help but smile and enjoy it.

RL Grime’s Sixth Annual Halloween Mix Coming Soon.

According to RL Grime’s second installment of his personal magazine, NovaZine, that gives his die-hard fans all the latest updates and insights on his music, he will be releasing his sixth annual Halloween mix this Oct. 27. Fans are impatiently waiting because last year’s mix was absolutely epic. RL Grime is the perfect artist to produce a Halloween mix since he is known for his club trap, hip-hop remixes, and dark bass drops. Fans are hoping that this new release is at least comparable to last year’s mix, and if it is, they will be beyond satisfied.

Tritonal Is Hosting an AMA, on Redditt, This Friday.

In other news, Tritonal, an EDM DJ known for his uplifting music, is hosting an AMA, an Ask Me Anything session, on Redditt, a social media discussion forum for anyone and anything, this Friday, Oct. 20. His music incorporates beat drops that are insanely exciting. You feel like you are on top of the world when you listen to one of his remixes. His music could make winter feel like summer, and summer feel endless. It almost feels like a crime to be sitting in your seat as you bump Tritonal, you just want to dance. So, get on Redditt this Friday, to ask this DJ anything and everything your heart desires.