Top 5 Artists Snapchat Accounts That You Should Follow Right Now

Even though the popular photo and video sharing app Snapchat was first released in September 2011, the social media giant hit a surge in popularity sometime in 2015 — and now, its success is only continu-ing to skyrocket as ordinary people and their celebrity counterparts snap away, using the latest, crazy face swap filters and share their daily snippets with friends and loved ones. As the app gets more and more popular it seems as if famous people are slowly joining the Snap bandwagon, giving quick, 24-hour glimpses into their private lives for their thousands, or even millions, of fans to see. Below are the top 5 best artists to follow on Snapchat… so far.

Top Five


Name: DJ Khaled

Day job: DJ

Username: djkhaled305

Why you should follow: Of course DJ Khaled is number one on the list. The guys snapchat is good. From daily lessons about life and musings, while he waters his plants, to that time he infamously got lost on a Jet Ski, Khaled’s life is Snapchat gold. We just wish he’d stop snapping from the shower. We’re worried about water.


Name: Rick Ross

Day job: Rapper

Username: ferrarifatboy

Why you should follow: While DJ Khaled may be getting the most attention on Snapchat, his friend and frequent collaborator Rick Ross is another force of nature to observe in the app.

Like Khaled, Ross has reoccurring themes in his Snapchat stories you can expect to see frequently, like him vibing to music in the backseat of an expensive car or popping black bottles in the club.

Just don’t expect anything short of extravagance.


Name: John Mayer

Day job: Singer

Username: Johnthekangaroo

Why you should follow: The great thing about Mayer is how weird he is. Some recent examples of his bizarre escapades include shooting solo cups with a Nerf gun while “All By Myself” plays in the back-ground or talking to his “therapist” about making his Snapchat better.


Name: Calvin Harris

Day job: Dj

Username: Calvinharris

Reason to follow: Check out the often humorous daily trials and tribulations of Calvin Harris from wher-ever in the world he may be. Snaps from gigs, hotel rooms, and parties offer a first hand glimpse into the musican’s life. If you are looking to see a good time, follow Calvin Harris.


Name: Rihanna

Day job: Singer

Username: rihanna

Reason to follow: As polished as some Snapchat accounts may be, Rihanna’s story is a completely un-filtered, behind-the-scenes look at her life. Don’t expect expensive cars and luxury, instead uncut snaps from her daily grind.