Tom Brady Loses the Super Bowl but His Show is a Success

Tom Brady Loses the Super Bowl but His Show is a Success

It’s no secret that Tom Brady is a public figure emerged from a highly successful American football career. It’s also not a secret that his life and career are also in a race against time and we can honestly say, he’s probably winning.

At the not-so-delicate age of 40, the seasoned veteran Tom Brady invites us in to watch as he sculpts the art of balancing a professional athletic life and mastering his piece on the field while navigating through the trenches of fatherhood.

The series takes us through a six-part series of 15-minute long short films which give us an insight of his life and also what he’s like off the field, as well. Tom vs. Time shows us another side of Brady, one that we normally don’t see away from the lights, publicity, and in front of an ever-growing fanbase. It also notes how Tom deals with not only everyday issues but also being forty, which is deemed as ancient in the professional sports world.

Four episodes are already available, and each episode is filled with authenticity, sprinkled with his thoughts and stories. We also catch a view of the family and friends behind the scenes of Brady’s life, his wife and children, but also his father and teammates.

Contrary to what usually happens when we view such an athletic superstar like Tom Brady, this series doesn’t seem to idolize him as much as it “humanizes” him. It invites us into his home, welcomes us to his family and loved ones, and overall gives us an opportunity to see his hopes, wishes, loves, everyday struggles and everyday life.

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Posted by Tom vs Time on Wednesday, January 31, 2018