Tom Brady “Dreams” of Playing NFL Game in China

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (A.K.A. The GOAT) is on a promotional trip for Under Armor in China. This past weekend, Brady said it is his “dream” to play a NFL game there in China. Brady continued to say, “We had an opportunity, I think, 10 years ago, and my team was going to play here, and unfortunately it didn’t work out. But one day I hope that there are many games here, and over the course of a year, because it’s such a great sport and because I love it so much, to bring that here and to bring the discipline and incredible strategy involved.”

The Patriots are not the only team interested in playing football abroad. In March, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said, “multiple teams” had expressed interest in specifically playing in China. Brady’s dream would help evolve the NFL to be a global game. Sooner or later, football may not only be America’s favorite pass time.