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Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Lawyer Proposes Legendary $1.5 Million Bail Package in January 2019

How much would you pay for some temporary freedom? Well, we all now know how much Tekashi 6ix9ine is willing to pay. According to TMZ, attorney Lance Lazarro is going to attempt to secure a $1.5 million bail package for the artist. Tekashi 6ix9ine – legal name Daniel Hernandez – has been in federal custody since mid-November after being charged with drug trafficking, armed robbery, and racketeering. STOOPID!

6ix9ine’s trial is scheduled to begin September 2019 and the artist is pleading not guilty to all charges. The chances that this bail proposal actually sees the light of day are hard to determine, but it’s worth noting that the artist has previously been denied bail already. A Manhattan judge ruled that if 6ix9ine were to be released he “would still be able to direct acts of violence by telephone.”

Lazarro will apparently file the motion for the bail package some time this month, before 6ix9ine’s next court appearance late in January 2019. The attorney has also made it very clear that 6ix9ine will not be cutting any deals with prosecutors. Lazarro was quoted telling TMZ, “A plea deal is simply off of the table, even if the feds offer one.”

What kind of lawyer would Lazarro be if he had publicly stated that 6ix9ine is interested in a plea deal with the feds? Well, he’d be the type of lawyer who doesn’t want 6ix9ine to have a very successful rap career, that’s for sure. With an industry that’s so tightly related to street cred, reputation, and image it’s not hard to see that Lazarro still wants 6ix9ine to appear hardened on the outside even though he’s facing a slew of charges.

How would 6ix9ine be able to pay the attorney if the artist gets all the charges dropped, but can’t sustain a rap career because everyone knows he’s a snitch. His image would be completely ruined. He could always pick up the pieces and try to work with it if the news were to leak, but it’s better to keep a tight seal on that one.

What do you think? Will 6ix9ine get the bail package? Will some charges be dropped? Would he take a plea deal from the feds if he were offered one? Would you for that matter, if your freedom and life were on the line? No matter what, 2019 should be an interesting year for the artist.