Steve Aoki Lawsuit Has Been Settled

Not everybody left in good spirits after Steve Aoki’s performance at the Hard Rock Casino in San Diego (2012). I’m referring to Britanny Hickman, who apparently left the event with a broken neck after one of Aoki’s crowd surfing stunts!

Trapped under a blow-up raft in the middle of the crowd, Hickman soon found herself under the weight of Aoki as he leaped from the stage and onto the raft. She was in the hospital for 3 days and missed nearly 2 months of work.

Hickman placed responsibility on both the Hard Rock and Steve Aoki and proceeded with a lawsuit.
On Wednesday, after two weeks in court, it was decided that the Hard Rock wasn’t responsible for Steve Aoki’s actions. But even before the court proceedings it’s been stated that Aoki already settled a deal with Hickman around the $1 million marks.
Even though Hickman got a tenth of what she was asking for, I’m sure that $1 million isn’t the worst amount in the world.