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Spotify Throws Another Jab At Apple Music

In March of this year, Apple Music announced their new partner Dubset; to enable uploading full length DJ mixes and single track remixes. It just so happens that as of this week, Spotify, partnered with Dubset as well. Dubset is a digital distributer that provides the content to these services. The proprietary element is their technology known as MixBank. MixBank analyzes remixes/mixes and determines the proper right holders, to allow digital streaming services to pay the proper record labels and music publishers. This enables compensation for anyone who has the right to a paycheck. Soundcloud uses the same service.

This will be a touch hurdle for Soundcloud to overcome. Especially after recent media coverage involving big artists having their tracks automatically removed due to poor investment in their copyright detection system. The CEO of Dubset, Steven White, States,

A single mix contains 25 to 30 songs that would demand payments to record labels ranging from 25 to 30 and to publishers for each track, which numbers anywhere between 2 to 10.

Spotify Currently has over 75 million users with 20 million actively paying. The conversion rate for premium subscriptions with Spotify is 26.6%, the highest in history. Except Apple is currently in 59 more countries than Spotify. More countries means more potential subscribers. Both streaming platforms are nevertheless changing the monetization strategies of the music industry, but whats the next step? They both offer almost identical prices for their subscription services, they are offered on all platforms; computers, phones, tablets etc. We will have to wait and see what the next power move will be. Stay updated only at Beat Weekly.

Find out more about Dubset and how it works here. (Watch Video Below)


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