Sax Goes EDM

Who would have thought that one guy with a bass saxophone would reach audiences from a variety of music fields. That is exactly what Nick Zoulek did.

He explains that his focus is on performance, collaboration, multimedia, improvisation, and commissioning new tracks that leads to a variety of different ones as well as taking him across the world to reach his fans.

One genre he has dipped in that comes to surprise is EDM. EDM lovers have directed their attention to him after he released his new single, The Roots Grown Deep, which has a hint of electric sound to it.

His specialty is playing low, slow notes, distorting the way the instrument is usually played. During the post production is when he adds in the electronic bits to give his tracks that EDM vibe, pleasing a variety of audiences. Music lovers all over the world tune in, curious to see what Zoulek will pull out of his sleeve next!