A Rock N Roll Festival Called ‘Desert Trip’ Takes Over Coachella Valley

Indio, California has been a hot spot for countless music festivals and is notorious for Coachella Music Festival and Stagecoach Country Festival. In the upcoming week, Desert Trip will be added onto that list. Back in February Paul Tollett, an organizer working with the Coachella music festival, found his way into Mick Jagger’s dressing room in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He quickly pitched an idea and Jagger was instantly hooked. Thus, Desert Trip was born. Recently Mick Jagger appeared on a talk show on SiriusXM radio and he announced that after he had heard the pitch his first thought was, “You mean it’s like Coachella for old people?” This festival will only feature six musical legends and a single mega-stage. Due to an overwhelming demand for this festival, a second week has been added.

“It has been estimated that sales of tickets and amenities like camping and food passes will reach an estimated $160 million — far more than any other festival around the world, and nearly double the $84 million take from last year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, according to Pollstar, a trade publication that tracks concert industry data.” – The New York Times