Rep. Mia Love Slams Michelle Obama’s Remarks

During Michelle Obama’s speech at the Pennsylvania Conference For Women this week, the former First Lady allowed herself to make rather critical remarks about the racial and sexual composition of the Republican Party. She mentioned: “One side — all men, all white,” when comparing demographics of Republican and Democratic parties. However, Utah Congresswoman Mia Love definitely disagreed with Michelle Obama. When asked by Fox News hosts about how it makes her feel to hear those words as a black female Republican congresswoman, Rep. Love responded by saying that it is part of identity politics practiced by the Democratic party. “This is the way that Democrats are trying to win this elections. Instead of winning on the policies that actually help American people and unite us. This is absolute divisive language,” said Rep. Love. Congresswoman Ludmya “Mia” Love is living proof that a person of any gender or race can achieve an impressive political career within the Republican Party.