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R. Kelly Under Investigation for Possible Sexual Abuse Charges

Even though Jocelyn Savage has claimed she hasn’t been held against her will, others believe that R. Kelly was been holding the 23-year-old hostage for the past several years. Investigators have now ordered Savage to answer some questions pertaining to the allegations, with Savage’s own family believing the young girl has been brainwashed. Apparently Savage is one of many women that are now being called forward for questioning as the Fulton County District Attorney’s office initiates an extensive investigation into sexual abuse allegations involving the controversial artist.

Jocelyn Savage denies being held against her will.

The Blast reports that the investigation was launched soon after a six-part docuseries entitled Surviving R. Kelly aired. The docuseries focused on the artists alleged history of sexual abuse and even included an interview with a former employee of R. Kelly who suggested that Savage had denied the hostage allegations because R. Kelly had already provided her a script to follow.

The anonymous man stated, “When the Savages first came out, talking about Joycelyn, R. Kelly had meetings to strategize to fix the situation. The first thing was to put Joycelyn in front of the camera on TMZ, which is something he ordinarily would not have done. […] As far as the video Joycelyn Savage made, I would say that it was scripted, because Robert does not allow those girls to say anything that he has not told them to say.”

The Blast has also reported that investigators have spoken to at least one of the alleged victims. TMZ has reported that Asante McGee is one of the victims that has been phoned by investigators. The woman has ordered that R. Kelly be administered a lie detector test after allegedly escaping the artist’s Georgia home.

A press conference was held Tuesday (Jan. 8th), where Chicago prosecutors discussed how to handle the fallout witnessed after the Surviving R. Kelly docuseries had aired. Insisting that justice can’t be served unless victims garner the courage to come forward and tell their stories, Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx has urged victims to cooperate with authorities.

Foxx stated, “I understand that fear. As a survivor of sexual assault, myself, the fear and the trauma of coming and sharing your story—not just with one individual, not just with one prosecutor—the notion of having to come and publicly make allegations is incredibly daunting[…] We need actual witnesses and victims to have the courage to tell their stories. If they have concerns about further victimization of others, it becomes necessary to have the courage to come forward and tell what happened. We cannot do anything related to these allegations without the cooperation of these victims.”

How many women will continue to come forward? This story is sure to to unravel as 2019 pushes forward no matte how much R. Kelly wants it to stay quiet.