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R. Kelly Thriving in Germany?

Well even though things look more than a bit shaky in the United States for R. Kelly, it seems as though the Deustchland is pushing forward with its embrace of the artist. Amid sexual assault allegations, following a Lifetime docuseries “Surviving,” R. Kelly is still being booked for concerts in Germany according to TMZ.

This coming April, Kelly is schedule to perform in Ludwigsburg where tickets are starting at $115. Who knew the artist could still charge so much despite his biggest (arguably only) hits being made in the early 2000’s? If you want to meet the artist in-person then that’ll cost fans a quick $335. What’s strange is that sources have told TMZ that the artist just secured two more shows in Germany as well and these were AFTER the docuseries had aired, with these serious allegations following close behind.

A rep from the Ludwigsburg venue stated, “You can be assured that we are carefully following the situation and, if necessary, will act accordingly.” With #MuteRKelly becoming a trend in the US, it may be only a matter of time before Germany starts to feel the same way.