The Not-So-Simple Life?

Paris Hilton can’t seem to find a simple moment in her life these days; between juggling her supportive boyfriend Chris Zylka and multiple item releases, including makeup, lingerie and shoes, life isn’t as simple as it used to be for the 36-year-old celebrity icon.



Although preoccupied with a release of a new shoe line, Hilton was not too busy to visit and help her fans in Mexico.


After the sad and brutal earthquake had shaken Mexico on Sept. 19, Paris new it was time to show her fans the support they had given her in the past right in return.

Many people were excited to see the work that Paris was doing in Mexico.

Paris wasn’t in Mexico just to launch her new shoe line; she was also excited to be back in a place where she spent so much time growing up.

She is showing her love and appreciation by giving the local people a chance to meet with her as well.