NBA All Star Game Changed to Draft Format

Unfortunately for NBA fans who want to see parity and a balance of power in the league, the Eastern Conference may be the worst it’s been in NBA history. The Western Conference already had a decisive advantage over the East last season. Since then, former Eastern Conference stars Paul George, Carmelo Anthony, Jimmy Butler, and Paul Millsap have joined teams in the west this offseason.

Due to this huge discrepancy in talent between the conferences, the NBA created a rule today that made the league’s annual All Star Game far more compelling. Rather than the traditional game where the 12 best players from the west goes head to head with the 12 best players from the east, two captains from each conference will be selected. The two captains will then draft the 24 players to create their team.

The NBA All Star Game will remain the same in the sense that there are an even 12 players from each conference competing. The game’s selection process will also remain to be distributed positionally, so all position groups still have the same chance of being chosen for the game.

Everyone knew this year’s all star game would have been incredibly uneven had they kept the traditional rules. So this new ruling is great for the fans, who are rewarded with a more compelling and competitive game. In addition, there’s added intrigue to see how the captains will choose to select their team.

This year’s 67th NBA All Star Game will take place on Feb. 18 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, home of the Lakers and Clippers. The fans will be treated to a fantastic new look that will rejuvenate the excitement that should come with this great annual NBA event.