Monsters and Miracles From Rock to EDM

John Dray Lee is the mastermind behind the name Monsters and Miracles. His new single, “Silk Road,” has just surfaced after he released it, making a bold statement in his new twist of genre. In the early 2000s Lee started out in Rock bands, then after taking a long break in his music, he released this song shocking his fans.

During his time off, he pursued medicine, eventually becoming a family medicine doctor, only to come back to his love of music years later.

It is quite evident that Lee is not your usual music producer. He is generally M.I.A. on social media, almost adding a mysterious aura around himself. Not only that, but he still manages to combine all his instruments into this song, producing a fresh twist on EDM. In his techno sounding beat he includes sounds from an actual piano, guitar, bass, and drums.

With all these sounds he has combined into this one song it comes to no surprise that he has started pulling in fans from both the EDM and indie camps fanbase. With only this one new song under his belt, fans are waiting in suspense to see what will be coming next!