Miley vs. Demi: Who Will Come out on Top?

Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato are both ready to drop their albums today, Sept. 29. Both have been hyping up their fan bases and followers on social media for weeks now. From performances around the country and countless interviews, they have shown their excitement for their newest work.



Miley Cyrus’ new album is titled “Younger Now,” which she announced back in August, when she released her single “Younger Now.” Her new album contains 11 new songs, all of which are self-written and they’re a much different feel from her last two albums. Each day, Cyrus has given a preview to each song as a part of her promotional tactics.


Demi Lovato’s new album is “Tell Me You Love Me.” Some of her songs from the album have already been creeping up the charts. She hasn’t been as actively promoting her album as much as Miley Cyrus. However, that doesn’t stop her from getting a couple thousand likes on Twitter and almost a million views on Instagram. Demi Lovato broke news about her album a couple weeks after her hit single “Sorry Not Sorry” dropped.

Although, both Miley and Demi have had feuds in the past, theres no reason to believe that this was intentional. The two artists have been seen liking each others post that are related to the new music. However, with two mega-stars, who produce hit after hit, releasing brand new albums on the same day, you have to wonder who will dominate the charts?