Miley Cyrus Announces A New Sneaker Line

Christmas is right around the corner and Miley Cyrus may be providing the perfect present for a family member. That’s right, Miley Cyrus has teamed up with Converse and is set to release a sneaker collection sometime soon. The star revealed the first set of designs on Instagram for her brand new unisex shoe line. Although the shoe line may come as a surprise, the fact its unisex isn’t. Given Miley Cyrus’ political record for  the past couple of years. She has been all about women’s rights and has even created a non-profit charity foundation to protect and support LGBTQ+ homeless youth. On numerous occasions she has stood up for and defended transgender rights. So it only makes sense for the platinum selling artist to release a unisex shoe collection.

Be prepared for glitter galore. Although, they’re unisex, that didn’t stop Miley Cyrus from adding glitter and pink to her first design. I personally wouldn’t buy these for myself but good effort Miley. I guess its a “collection” for a reason, not every shoe is for every person. However 1 million+ people seemed to like this design, If you like glitter and the color pink, this shoe is perfect for you.

This time design take form in a hightop, still with more glitter and pink, with a “MC” logo on the side. Miley Cyrus is clearly enthusiastic about her shoe collection. Yet again, I’m not so sure I’d buy these but they’d definitely make a bold fashion statement. Over 1.5 Million fans thought this design would fit their style.

Surprise! More glitter. But this time, white and gray with a little “MC” charms on the glittery laces. If you’re not feeling too happy or satisfied with so far, Miley clarified that this is just her first round of samples. This sample definitely embodies the term “unisex” better.

1 more cuz they're just soooo cute! #Unisex @converse collab!

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Lastly, a pair that drew my interest the most. Miley produced a black and white sneaker with a bandana-styled band around the bottom. If you’re looking for my Christmas present, this might be it. Thanks Miley.

Neither Converse nor Miley have said anything about the release date yet. Given Miley Cyrus’ past, its fair to assume that this collection will drop soon because she doesn’t tend to keep her fans waiting to long. Converse has not mentioned anything on its official website or social media accounts about Miss, Cyrus’ new shoe collection. However, they do have a collection of “pride” shoes, in which all proceeds go towards Miley Cyrus’ “Happy Hippie Foundation” and the “It Gets Better Project”. Miley did rock a pair of Converse during her performance at Washington D.C. Pride and before the release of “Younger Now” she took part take in a Converse Public Access show. So the two have been teaming up together for the past couple months.