Martin Shkreli Releases Songs From Wu Tang Album Because Trump Won

On late October, the highly controversial Martin Shkreli announced that he would release all of the music he had managed to collect for himself if Donald Trump was elected President, and if you haven’t heard, he was.

Martin Shkreli, through the millions of dollars that he managed to receive through the pharmaceutical industry, decided to purchase music from very important artists, such as The Beatles and Wu Tang Clan, and keep it exclusively for himself. However, since Donald Trump won the Presidency he started to release that music through Youtube and Twitch.

Shkreli also said that he wanted to speak to the Wu Tang Clan to get the album released in a larger scale. This might be problematic because part of his agreement with the Wu Tang was that the album would not be released after he purchased it for at least 88 years.

Shkreli is facing another problem as well; he got banned from both Twitch and Youtube.

Will he eventually be unbanned and start to share the music again? We’re going to have to wait and see.