This Little Girl Sets Goal to Hug Police Officers in All 50 States

Everybody deserves a hug, and that’s exactly what 7-year-old Rosalyn Baldwin is striving to do with police officers across the United States. Over the past few years, police officers have had their prestigious image tainted by the rise in violent killings and distrust among some officers.

But despite the violence, those events do not represent officers as a whole. Rosalyn’s decision to hug police officers across the country was a pure reaction from the 2016 Dallas shooting that resulted in the killings of five officers.

When asked why she set this goal, young Rosalyn said, “This is my heart…I want to show love for them.” And the reactions from police officers is exactly what Rosalyn hoped for. Major Travis Yates from the Tulsa Police Department said, “It’s like medicine that rejuvenates us.” The Baldwin family is on State No. 16 out of 50 and has hopes to finish the goal in the next two years.