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Lil Xan Releases New Song “Watch Me Fall”

You think your 2018 was rough? Well just imagine how rocky it must of felt for Lil Xan, considering the artist was in the public limelight the entire year as problem after problem seemed to appear. The artist had experienced some issues with his own management and a rigid breakup with his girlfriend Noah Cyrus left Xan alone in the public eye. The artist also experienced extreme shade from the hip-hop community after criticizing Tupac Shakur’s music and Xan then ended the year with rehab.

However, Lil Xan is coming back swinging and with some new musical vibes unrelated to drugs or partying. Whoa. The somber tone of his new single “Watch Me Fall” isn’t for everyone, but if your familiar with Lil Xan’s musical style, then the tone of this single shouldn’t be surprising.

The instrumental is slow, but strong and the headers definitely add some much needed hype. Though, his voice seems to have changed a lot when compared to earlier hits like “Slingshot” or “Betrayed.” It seems like there may be more editing to his vocals than he had been done in the past.

Take a second to compare these two videos and pay attention to Xan’s voice in particular. What do you think? 2018 Xan or 2019 Xan? Can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for the artist.