Lavar Ball Dunks on Kevin Hart in an Ice Bath! (Watch Full Episode Here)

Lavar Ball Dunks on Kevin Hart in an Ice Bath! (Watch Full Episode Here)

As the newest publicity tactic with “comedic rockstar”, in his own words, Kevin Hart takes a few moments to interview various sports personalities in quite the opposite of a hot seat, as they both sit in the most dreaded of all athletic training tools — an ice bath.

The “Cold as Balls” series sponsored by Lionsgate for Laugh Out Loud is a 12-episode series that will cover athletes LaVar Ball, Blake Griffin, Lindsey Vonn, Hope Solo, Candace Parker, Draymond Green, Nerlens Noel, Chandler Parsons, Desean Jackson, Baron Davis, and Demariyus Thomas.

In the first, debut episode of “Cold as Balls“, Hart sits in the tub with Lavar Ball, the father of three professional basketball players — Lonzo, LaMelo, and LiAngelo Ball.

In this comedic interview, Kevin Hart continues to pester Ball until he chooses which son is his least favorite of the three, exclaiming profoundly that Ball “doesn’t like” his youngest son, LaMelo Ball, age 16. 

The interview takes a comedic turn when Ball asks Hart on his opinion if Ball went one-on-one with Michael Jordan, for which Hart replies that he would put all his money on Jordan, and on himself if given the chance.

Throughout the eight-minute episode of what looks like a friendly conversation filled with bantering and a fun nature, the two go back and forth asking each other questions while simultaneously dealing with the effects of the mental and physical stimulation of the cold bath — as the producers continuously add more and more ice.

The episode rounds off with an actual one-on-one shoot off between Hart and Ball, while they’re still both in the ice baths. The two eventually emerge from the baths after Ball storms out in a turn of events, ever slowly, of course, from the after-effects of the ice.

The series continues with interviews with the various athletes mentioned above.