The latest Wireless Headphones Have Arrived

Shipping for Holiday 2016 is the newest headphone technology ‘Here One’. We have not seen anything like it yet. Yes there are currently wireless headphones for sale, but this earplug like design enhances the way you listen to your favorite music, and make phone calls in a stylish and more effective way. Doppler Labs bring to you, ‘Here One’. A complete upgrade for music listeners. Allowing two noise filtering wireless ear buds and smartphone control, enables endless opportunities.

Are you flying anytime soon and cant’ stand crying baby’s or the person next to you snoring? Looking to go to the gym and have a distraction free workout experience? Need to study in the library or work in a hectic environment? Then ‘Here One’ is for you.

Select ‘Here One’ features include:

  • Truly wireless streaming: Stream music and audio content, wirelessly
  • Take phone calls: Take phone calls and access voice commands right from your buds
  • Smart noise filters: Remove unwanted noise—such as sirens, a crying baby, office chatter, and more—while still being able to have a conversation
  • Speech amplification: Amplify human speech so you can tune into every word at a crowded restaurant or party
  • Remix your world: Transform real-world sound using volume, EQ, and sound effects
  • Layered listening: Control the volume of streamed audio and ambient sound simultaneously, mixed perfectly so you never miss a thing
  • Personalized for you: Your personal listening profile is customized to your listening preferences

“We’re deeply passionate about pushing the boundaries for how we think about hearing, audio, and sound,”-Noah Kraft (Co-Founder)

Get your hands on the future and experience Here One this holiday season. Pre Orders are starting at $299 with White/Black colors available. ORDER HERE ONE