Kygo performs live on Good Morning America

A highly talented Norwegian pianist is currently taking over the dance music scene. This artists name is Kygo. After releasing his first album less than a week ago, ‘Cloud Nine’ is currently sitting at No. 5 on the iTunes charts. Behind Rihanna, Drake, RadioHead and Meghan Trainor. Kygo has taken the media by storm. Becoming the tropical house superstar with singles Firestone, Stole the Show, Stay and more. After headlining many festivals he has decided to start his first ever world tour. Earlier today Kygo performed his first live television performance on Good Morning America in Times Square. His label Ultra Music has even taken the efforts to embed his latest album on New York City Trucks. 

Watch the performance below and take a look at the newest marketing scheme dance music has seen.

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Here are some behind the scene footages