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Kentucky Governor Blames Lil Wayne for Ruining Halftime Performance

After performing some of their more popular hits during the National Championship Halftime Show, Imagine Dragons invited Lil Wayne up on stage to perform their collaborative remix of the band’s hit “Believer.” While fans may have some mixed feelings about the performance, no one has to know what Matt Bevin’s opinion may be.

The Governor of Kentucky swiftly took to Twitter to express his clear disdain for Lil Wayne. So apparently the governor is a very devoted Imagine Dragon’s fan? Who knew huh?

However, one performance isn’t going to shake the solid foundation of devoted fans that Wayne has built over the past decade as an artist. Hundred’s of them came flocking to Wayne’s defense as soon as Bevin typed that last letter. This meant throwing some shots at Bevin, obviously. Who I’m sure had to have been expecting that, right?

Do you think that Bevin is really that devoted to the Imagine Dragon’s movement? Or is he just trying to stay relevant in an age where exposure seems to be the only thing that really matters? You be the judge.