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Is Lil Wayne Vibin’ with Adidas or Nike?

Lil Wayne is here to answer a question that has faced man since the dawn of time…..the stripes or the swoosh?

Apparently the question isn’t hard for the Bumbu rum rapper, as he quickly pronounced that the swoosh is the only way to go. Recently appearing on the rum company’s web series, “The Bumbu Room,” Lil Wayne asserted that he’s been “…rocking with Nike since a kid.”

I’m rocking with Nike, I’ve been rocking with Nike since a kid. Only because the check was a little harder to draw in class, when you was a kid. So I mean, if you’re about to draw some shoes and you draw some shoes with Three Stripes on them, that’s cool. And you know, that’s cool, the girls like that, that, ‘oh, he drew some shells [Superstars],’ but if you come back with that Nike, and you draw that Nike, that same girl is going to want you to draw that on her folder. The cover of her folder for class, that whole year.

Lil Wayne

It’s kind of ironic that he seems to be such a fan of the Nike when his most notable sneaker collaborations have nothing to with the iconic swoosh. Supra actually comes to mind when mentioning Lil Wayne, as the sneaker company has produced some of Lil Wayne’s most eye-catching sneaker designs such as the Chimera and Spectre.

The Chimera sneaker in black.

Hey Nike, give Lil Wayne a chance.