Grammy Fashion Misses

Grammy Fashion Misses

Like any Hollywood event, The Grammys are as much about fashion as   music. Unlike many film awards events, the Grammys give the attendees a little room for creativity. But sometimes the room given for creativity causes some train-wreck fashion moments. Although there were some looks on the 2017 Grammys red carpet that stop the presses for good reasons, there were some looks that did not hit the mark at all.

Although Cee Lo Green isn’t known for his demure and understated looks, this ensemble that he wore on the Red Carpet made him look more like he was either roaming around space with R2D2 or fighting crime with the Fantastic Four. With some people on Twitter pointing out he sort of resembles a Ferrero Roche chocolate candy, I think it is safe to say Cee Lo takes the honors of most unusual fashion statement this year.

Keeping with the candy theme, Girl Crush followed in Cee Lo’s footsteps. Looking like a gumball machine, the rather unknown artist is trying to make her mark. I commend her efforts, but time will tell if this fashion statement will give her the recognition she wants.

The tweet maybe in Spanish, but I think we all know what it means. Jaqueline Van Bierk definitely made a statement this Grammy season with a daring CD look. No one can deny she loves music, she actually wears it. For anyone that has old CD’s laying around, follow Jaqueline’s lead and make an outfit out of them.


Unlike many celebrities who are using their platforms to speak against President Trump, Joy Villa is using her Grammy moment to praise her President. A bold move for the rock singer, with many people on Twitter already threatening her for her political statement. Joy looks beautiful, but hopefully the dress won’t cause too much harm to her or her career.

I’ll admit, I am liking Katy Perry’s new blonde hair, but i’m not feeling this years Grammy choice. She may be channeling the disco ball from her newest single, but the over sized sequined top does not belong with a feather skirt. She may have slayed with her red carpet looks in the past, but this one falls short of great.

Like every year, there were hits and misses on the carpet, these were just a selection of the many. The looks this year will definitely be talked about for weeks.