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Future to Take Over 2019

After finishing 2018 off on a strong note Future seems to be continuing the trend. Nine days into the year and the artist has already released 3 singles: “Crushed Up,” “NASA,” and his most recent release “Jumpin on a Jet.”

It doesn’t seem like Future is playing around this year, with both “Crushed Up” and “Jumpin on a Jet” having eccentric and well-produced music videos. “NASA” has a heavy feature as French Montana lays some lines down on the track. While “Crushed Up” is a typical Future banger, with one line basically dominating the entire track and not surprisingly it relates to drugs. Who would’ve guessed?

Diamonds in her face crushed up

I can see it

Crushed up

Even though French Montana makes an appearance on “NASA,” it doesn’t really seem to do the single much good. With a bland beat and slow tempo, the single doesn’t seem to hold it’s own with the other two releases. However, Future does have a few good lines, a few lines even give us a genuine peak inside his life, which we don’t normally get from Future.

You can’t see the work I’m putting

in while I’m praying

If you can’t see the vision you will never



Considering we’re only 9 days in the year, the future is looking bright for Future. How would you rate these songs? #1 being the best and #3 being the worst.