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Future & Juice WRLD Stomped 2018

Future ended 2018 with a big project that now includes some of his largest hits to date. While he has done some lackluster flops in the past, he was steadily receiving love by the end of 2018 as he continued to produce bangers that encompassed some big name collaborations. One of which was with artist and fellow drug aficionado, Juice WRLD. Together the pair produced the album WRLD on Drugs which included hits like “Fine China”” and “Hard Work Pays Off”. There were also features from Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj.

However, it wasn’t the features that enticed the crowd. It was the main collaboration that had everyone hooked and has kept everyone listening to the same songs over and over again. On one side we have Future, a veteran in the rap/hip-hop industry. On the other side we have Juice WRLD, who is a young fresh face in the arena and brings a unique style to the table.

Juice WRLD is part of the ‘self-medicate’ movement that has engulfed hip-hop. Future can be seen as one of the first catalysts of this new movement. Sure, artists have been talking about drugs since hip-hop was a thing, but I think that we can all agree that none of them make it a major theme like Future. With songs like “Oxy”, “Codeine Crazy,” and “Blow a Bag”; Future seems to enjoy selling the lifestyle. Who are we to judge?

Juice WRLD (left) & Future (right)

We can almost think of Juice WRLD as an updated Future, he seems to be part of the wave of artists who use drugs not solely to party, but to medicate. Hits like “Wasted,” “All Girls Are the Same,” and “Lucid Dreams” outline the artists habit of drowning out his emotions with drugs.

She been lacing all my drugs or something

Because every time we together I’m unconscious

Hold up let me be honest, I saw her put the perks in my Kronik

Smoking ’til my eyes roll back like the old man

Just another funeral for her


Wasted (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)
Juice WRLD

This may be a key reason that this album was so successful, both artists hold different views on the world and therefore express the same things in a uniquely contrasting manner. Juice WRLD has more depth and is more heavy hearted, while Future lifts everything up with a party “who gives a f***” kind of tone that is much needed after hearing about Juice WRLD’s baggage.

Their voices and styles are extremely different as well, Juice WRLD presents a lucid and melodic flow, while Future has never wavered from his iconically brash, Codeine scratched, voice.

If both artists continue to develop, then 2019 will be another great chapter for Future and the beginning of an impactful journey for Juice WRLD. Who do you think will have a bigger year?