Combining Fashion and Function

In the summer of 2016, Target developed a clothing line, “Cat & Jack,” and since then, the clothing line has developed in more ways than one. When the line was first created, Target’s Design team went directly to the source of fashion for kids — the kids themselves (and the parents). The feedback that Target received was more than positive.

At the time, this was Target’s newest and largest clothing line for both kids and babies, so they wanted the product to be right. The mission of Cat & Jack was to have it be the go-to fashion line for ALL kids. After their first release, the direction of growth turned towards a more softer side.

The idea was an adaptive apparel that is fun and fashionable for those living with disabilities. This 40-item collection features clothes that allow for both kids and parents to have an easy morning routine getting ready for school. Some of the features of the clothing are items containing side and back zippers, as well as secret openings for abdominal access.

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Along with the Target Design team is Stacey Monsen, a mother of a child with autism, who struggles to find clothes for her 8-year-old daughter, Elinor. Monsen used her personal  experience to help curate what this clothing line was going to bring next.

The process of thought was no different than when they first started the clothing line. Target decided to get feedback from its guests once again, but this time they were reaching out to more than just the parents and kids. Target was going above and beyond with their research, talking to organizations such as Pageant of Hope, which is a pageant held for girls with special needs, Mind Body Solutions, and National Federation of the Blind Minnesota. Answers from these organization helped the Target Design team figure out what sensory-friendly apparel means in all aspects.


Although functionality was essential for these clothes, fashion was a primary aspect too. Heat-transferred labels were used to replace the annoying tags, flat seams and one-dimensional designs were all incorporated to reduce the risk of annoyance or discomfort.

These items are available exclusively at Target.Com