Capitol Records Launches 75th Anniversary Celebration with Katy Perry

Capitol Records went down in history this Tuesday after it became the first record label to be awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Those in attendance at the ceremony included Capitol Music Group chairman/CEO Steve Barnett, Universal Music Group chairman/CEO Sir Lucian Grainge and Capitol artist Katy Perry.

“Capitol is back and home to a new generation of artists, innovators and entrepreneurs,” Grainge stated.

“We’re celebrating something today that only four years ago would have been completely unimaginable. For six decades this building has  as an incubator for the most influential music the world has ever had, from Frank Sinatra,The Beach Boys and The Beatles to Beck, Sam Smith and Katy Perry. Our priority when we acquired Capitol was to restore this company to its former glory, embodying the spirit of what was and is the spirit of today and the future.”

The record label has ambitious plans over the next year, including a new string of music, film, and literary projects. After the gala being held this Tuesday, the Capitol building will no longer flash “Hollywood”, but “Capitol Tower” for the next 12 months.