Bruno Mars 24K Magic Tour Review

Bruno Mars 24K Magic Tour Review

Bruno Mars came to the Amalie Arena in Tampa on Oct. 19, for his 24k Magic World Tour. He attracted an extremely diverse crowd. People of all races, genders, and even ages came out to see the super star. I saw children as young as five, and adults as old as 55 (maybe older). Which is not typically not something you see at a normal concert.

As I took my seat in the Club Level, I saw and heard fans interacting with one another. They were comparing Bruno Mars to pop legend Michael Jackson, even calling him the new “king of pop.” I spoke with one lady, who drove all the way from Jacksonville to catch the show. She bought her ticket for one the morning of the concert. The lights began to dim and Jorja Smith, the opening act, began to perform.

After her 30-minute set ended, more people began to rush in, waiting for Bruno Mars to take the stage. Two older women, whose age I’m not going to guess, sat next to me, and a married couple sat on the other side. I chatted with the two ladies, who bought their tickets yesterday. They also travelled a bit, coming from Orlando. The married couple was from Tampa and they came to see Bruno every time he comes to town. Shortly after the small talk, the concert began.


  1.  The concert opened with a song that got the audience out of their seats and dancing. Bruno Mars belted “Finesse” and busted out some crazy choreography.
  2. Then, he sang the classic “24K Magic” with fireworks bursting behind him.
  3. Next, Bruno brought back a classic. He asked all the fans to put their phones away and to “just get up and have some fun with [him].” When he started to sing “Treasure” the crowd roared.
  4. Just to keep things interesting he pinned the “left side” and the “right side” against each other. During “Perm” he wanted to decide which side was louder. The “right side” were the winners, of course (the side I was on.)
  5. For “Calling All My Lovelies,” Bruno delivered a killer guitar solo, showing off his talent. Also, like in the song, he made a phone call, that goes to voicemail and leaves three messages that had the crowd laughing and cheering.
  6. With a smooth transition he calls upon all the “thick girls” before he starts “Chunky.”
  7. After “Chunky,” he performs a fan favorite, “That’s What I Like.” Which was close to being the best performance of the night. Between the dancing and the vocals, the crowd loved every second.
  8. Straight Up and Down” was not the best follow up, as the crowd began to take their seats for the first time. They listened to the ballad attentively and still showed support for Bruno.
  9. The energy was regained in the next ballad. This song hasn’t been given the attention it deserves, as its arguably the best song on the album. “Versace On The Floor” froze time as Bruno’s higher register consumed the arena. The audience was captivated as the stage Bruno mars was on began to rise.
  10. Bruno then takes a break from the 24k Magic album and sings a classic. The tradition song played at wedding acts as an introduction before Bruno sings “Marry You
  11. He didn’t stop with the throwbacks there. Next, he performed “Runaway Baby” which had the older people jumping out of control.
  12. He kept the throwback streak going and gave his band a break for this next one. Bruno stood on stage with just a microphone and a piano and “When I Was Your Man” began to play. For those, who weren’t completely sold on his talent with “Versace On The Floor”, there was no debate after this.
  13. It soon became clear that Bruno was done performing songs off of 24k Magic album as he began singing another old song. He had a costume change and he started to sing “Gorilla” when he returned to the stage.
  14. Bruno Mars ends the set with “Just The Way You Are.” He prolongs the song saying his goodbyes, thanking his band, and saying goodbye to the audience. Confusing the audience and making them think the show is over, he walks off.

People are satisfied and begin to walk out. I stayed. Little did they realize Bruno Mars always does this. The show was not over. Fans who didn’t leave began to scream at the top of their lungs and Bruno emerged once again for and encore.


  1. Bruno’s encore kicked off with “Locked Out Of Heaven.” Fans rushed back in, trying not to miss this performance and the crowd were on their feet.
  2. To keep the party atmosphere going, Bruno Mars performed “Uptown Funk” as his final song of the night. The crowd was more than satisfied this time. When he ended the song, everyone left.

Overall, Bruno Mars put together an amazing show. It was enjoyable for fans of all ages. I would give his performance in Tampa a solid A. From the dancing to his vocals to his interactions with the crowd, everything moment was captivating. Job well done Bruno!

There is still time to catch him on tour, his remaining tour dates are listed below, with tickets available at Ticketmaster:

Oct. 21- New Orleans, Louisiana
Oct. 22- Little Rock, Arkansas
Oct. 24- Houston, Texas
Oct. 26- San Antonio, Texas
Oct. 27- Dallas, Texas
Oct. 30- Dever, Colorado
Nov. 2- Fresco, California
Nov. 3- Oakland, California
Nov. 5- Phoenix, Arizona
Nov. 7-11- Los Angeles, California
Dec 20-21- Washington, D.C.
Dec 30-31- Las Vegas, NV
Feb. 2018 14-19- Las Vegas, NV

For more shows outside the USA go to Bruno Mars’ website for details.