Billionaire Launches Million-Dollar War On Trump

Billionaire Launches Million-Dollar War On Trump

Renowned environmentalist and Democratic-backing mega-donor Tom Steyer has begun the development of an ad campaign worth well over $10 million, aimed at achieving one goal—the impeachment of Trump, and the toppling of his administration.

Steyer, who has toyed with the notion of running for office himself, has recently been at work mulling over a potential candidacy in the upcoming California primary. Steyer has also considered throwing his hat in the ring for the next presidential election in 2020.

Could this massive ad campaign, set to run nationally over the next few months, be the first of many steps in the halting of the Trump administration by powers outside a Republican dominated Washington—Steyer certainly thinks so.

“A Republican Congress once impeached a president for far less,” says Steyer. “This President is a clear and present danger…”

One can only hope that Steyer will be a factor of help in getting both sides of the aisle on board. Like my father has always told me, “Squeaky wheel gets the oil.”

Squeak loud, Mr. Steyer. Squeak loud.