Billboard “Top Paid Artists 2015” Leaves out Dance Community

It seems the Billboard listing for top paid artists in the music industry of 2015 strangely left out all dance artists. Artist revenues were contributed from four different categories, touring, sales, streaming and publishing. Touring was the biggest contributor for majority of the artists. Topping the list at number one with no surprise is Taylor Swift. Whopping in a total of 73.5 million. Heres the breakdown; touring (61.2 mil), sales (7.2 mil), streaming (564 thousand) and publishing (4.1 mil). The Billboard list was filled with country artists, including, the number 2 spot of Kenny Chesney at 39.8 mil, as well as appearances of Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Eric Church, and more. ¬†Even the Rolling stones made the list with a total of 39.8 mil, which 37.3 mil was from touring alone last year. What does not add up however is the absence of the whole dance community which is filled with artists that are making millions of dollars. Calvin Harris reportedly brought in 66 million last year. Along with Tiesto at 36 mil, Skrillex at 24 mil, Martin Garrix at 17 mil, as well as Deadmau5 and Diplo who both brought in 15 million. With touring being one of the biggest contributors to artist revenue, and DJs spending every day practically on tour, the question must be asked, why wasn’t the dance community included on the Billboard Top Money-Makers List Of 2015?BB-2016-moneymakers-01 You can read more about it here