The Biebs Allegedly Headbutts a Restaurant Worker

After staying out of trouble for less than a year, Justin Bieber is back in the police reports. The “Sorry” singer was at Serafina, an L.A. restaurant, for a pre-Grammys dinner on Feb. 11.

According to, Bieber was “play fighting” with his friend, Kyle Massey of That’s So Raven and Cory in the House. A Serafina staff member allegedly was filming the two when Bieber approached the staff member and demanded that he delete the video. Bieber allegedly attacked the staff member, and another Serafina worker called the police, who didn’t arrive until Bieber had left the restaurant.

Police told TMZ that the 22-year old pop star could face misdemeanor battery charges after the incident.

It’s barely been eight months since Bieber was last involved with the police, when in June of 2016 Rodney Cannon of Las Vegas says Bieber punched him in the face several times after a fight over a photograph. However, Cannon didn’t file this report until Feb. 14. No charges have been made by police over this incident (so far…).

Here’s a link to a New York Daily News report about the incident.