Beyoncé Drops a New Remix to “Mi Gente” By J Balvin

Pop Icon Beyoncé just broke the internet once again. She surprised the world after she posted a video of her “Mi Gente” remix on Instagram. In the post, Beyonce explained that she did this to help relief efforts in Mexico and Puerto Rico. Both countries have been catastrophically affected by recent natural disasters. It’s no coincidence that she remixed this latin song for these Spanish speaking places. Even though she specifically mentions proceeds will be going to Mexico and Puerto Rico, she didn’t forget the other Caribbean Islands affected by the recent hurricanes.

The song just dropped less than a day ago and has already claimed the #1 spot on iTunes. This collaboration surpassed hits such as, “Look What You Made Me Do” and “Bodak Yellow”, almost instantly. Fans are still continuing to download it by the boats load as it appears to sit comfortably at the top.

If you were wondering how else you can help Beyoncé with other relief efforts, here’s a helpful link.

Check out her remix to “Mi Gente” By J Balvin and Willy William to see what all the buzz is about: