The Best and Worst of EDM Releases This Week

Your playlist is now overplayed. Your favorite song a few weeks ago is now your worst nightmare after hearing it for the 300th time. And EDM artists have been releasing tracks left and right this past month, but you have no time to listen to all the new drops. Instead of making you waste your time trying to find the right songs while weeding through the weak ones to recreate that dull playlist, we have rated the newest EDM releases from this week from your top favorite EDM artists.

10/10: “dead af” – Krewella

Thank you Krewella, this song is absolutely dope. Krewella comes in strong with a straight attitude, this song is bad bitch anthem material with a creepy flow. The beat incorporates a hip-hop vibe with a sick, heavy, bass drop. As the beat drops, a womans voice echoes throughout the song saying “Everybody dead as fuck” making this a perfect Halloween track. Too often EDM starts to sound all too similar. It takes talented DJs like Krewella to continue to switch up the game.

9/10: “All falls down” – Noach Cyrus, Alan Walker, Digital Farm Animals

Noah Cyrus back at it again making moves in the EDM world. This song is pure bliss. As Noah’s addictive vocals that hold a gentle twang meet Alan Walker’s soft, calming voice, your worries start to drift away. This is a song you want to blast through the rolled down windows of your car in the middle of summer. Noah promisingly sings “I’ll be fine” through the chorus and it immediately lifts you up. No matter what you may be going through this song puts your worries aside and just makes you want to sing and dance.

8/10: “Wolves” – Selena Gomez and Marshmello

Selena Gomez’s vocals over Marshmello’s sick flows is a match made in heaven. A sweet, slow, and warm beginning creates a gentle yet intriguing mood. As Selena’s voice creeps through the sound of a guitar being strummed, you can hear the romance and passion in the echo of her voice. Marshmello’s easy, flowy beat drop is perfectly paired with Selena’s beautiful voice. But, Marshmello keeps the it subtle enough to flow with the vibes of the beat without overpowering Selena’s graceful voice. But beyond all of the amazing elements of this unexpected and awesome duo, it just did not equate to the hype it was given. By entering the EDM realm, fans of both Selena and Marshmello were expecting something memorably, intense. It just felt like Selena did not branch from her comfort zone much. But on that note, this is still definitely one of those songs that will be stuck in your head for days. “To get to youuuuu. To get to youuu.”

7/10: “Cold Hearted”- Seven Lions and Kill The Noise

As the beat starts to flow through your speakers you know something bad ass is about to drop but you still have no idea what to expect. The opening is so refreshing. It begins with a woman’s vocals with slight twinkling intertwined in the background. Her voice falls quietly in the background as the beat continues to get more intense. The soft, calming flow from before has now become lost in a sudden and unexpected sick beat drop. As the seconds pass by, the beat drops harder, and harder. This track puts you right there in the middle of a festival as you imagine yourself twirling to the sound of her voice then dropping down for an epic headbang when the monster beat drops. Though this song is beyond pleasing, it just felt all too familiar, a little too unoriginal.

6/10: “Broken Summer” DJ Snake, Max Frost¬†

Funky fresh. Not your typical thoughts when you think of DJ Snake but he had no problem completely switching up his style in his new track. Max Frost’s slightly autotuned and calming voice atop DJ Snake’s techno flow makes for the perfect funky fresh vibe. Do not wait for the beat drop, there is not one. Is that even EDM bro? Eh. If you want heavy bass or sick beat drops this is not your song. But if you are looking for new awesome music to add flavor to your playlist this song is perfect.

5/10: “Stranger Things” Kygo and John Newman

Kygo is known for his upbeat, happy, playful summer anthems. This song will be known for ruining Kygo’s reputation. This track began with an unusually slow beat for Kygo, which should have been the first sign to abort the mission. OneRepublic’s voice sounds truly beautiful over the boring beat, but once he stops singing the song is lost. While having hope that Kygo would turn the song around at the beat drop, we were once again disappointed by a slow, light, weak attempt of a beat drop. There is nothing wrong with switching your flow up, but make sure there is still a flow to be found.