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Bebe Rehxa announced today on her social media accounts that the remainder of her Bebe & Bassy tour is being postponed until 2018. Bebe went on to say that after performing this weekend, her voice wasn't what she needs it to be in order to put on an amazing performance that her fans deserve. Bebe was scheduled

On Oct. 27, quarterback Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens took an illegal hit, which knocked his helmet off, from Miami Dolphins linebacker, Kiko Alonso, during the second quarter. Flacco was bleeding and taken off the field where he was diagnosed with a concussion.   Baltimore players were outraged that Alonso was not taken out of the

Lady Gaga is making all types of headlines this week. Lady Gaga's most recent album, Joanne, was just certified platinum in the United States by the he Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Gaga tweeted the news to her fans and shared pictures on Twitter. This is Gaga's fourth time achieving this honor. The Fame, The Fame Monster, and