Zayn Malik Gets Tattoo of His Newest Single, “Still Got Time”

Apparently Zayn thinks his newest single “Still Got Time” is pretty kick-ass, so why not get a tattoo of it? Released on March 23, “Still Got Time” features PartyNextDoor and is a big step away from his No. 1 single, “Pillowtalk,” which was released in 2016. The new song features a Caribbean-like vibe and could even be mistaken for one of Drake’s songs.

While “I Don’t Want to Live Forever,” Zayn’s single with T Swift, is up to spot No. 3 on Billboard’s top 100, “Still Got Time” has yet to make it onto the list. Zayn still thinks the single is pretty lit, though, as evidenced by his new tattoo:

A post shared by Zayn Malik (@zayn) on

The ink features 2 4 17, which is the British format of the date April 2, 2017, which is apparently when he got the tattoo. With almost 833,000 likes on Instagram, fans seem to approve.

Liz MacLean
Liz MacLean

Liz MacLean is a New Hampshire native currently living in Florida. She blogs about fitness and nutrition in her spare time (while listening to her favorite bands, of course).

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