ZAYN Drops New Video

Sex, drugs and rock & roll. That seems to be the them for ZAYN’s new music video for “Still Got Time.” The video, which is for the song that features PARTYNEXTDOOR, showcases a party where alcohol, drugs, and sex are running rampant. Check is out for yourself.

The video features everything from drinking, to smoking weed, to getting tattoos, to sexual situations.The edgy video has already garnered some attention on social media due to its mature nature. While some fans on Youtube were criticising the use of drugs and explicit content, others were quick to point out the deeper meaning behind the video.

The artistic quality behind the video keeps up with ZAYN’s edgier new style and look. Not only has it received attention for the content at face value, it has also recieved praise from the LGBQ community.

Everything an artist puts out these days is going to get criticized, its just the nature of music and social media. In my own opinion, ZAYN created an artistic video that not only was visually appealing, but had a relevant deeper meaning. Using people from all different backgrounds was the cherry on top for a great video.


Jeanine Biggs

Jeanine Biggs is a journalism major and a communications minor. She takes the adventure of life one day at a time, with her head in the clouds and her heart in the music.

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