Syrian-American, Mona Haydar, Racks up Views on Rap Single “Hijabi”

First released on Muslim Women’s Day on March 27, Mona Haydar’s rap song and accompanying music video for “Hijabi” immediately grabbed the internet’s attention.

Haydar is an artist who hails from Flint, Michigan and has been a performance poet for 13 years, according to NPR, who compares “Hijabi” to Beyoncé’s Lemonade album.

In the music video, Haydar proudly wears the hijab along with a diverse cast of women. Another surprising twist comes at the viewer when you see Haydar rapping at 8 months pregnant, fully embracing her baby bump.

According to NPR, Haydar said, “It’s actually really powerful that there’s a pregnant woman in the video in a song that’s all about women’s bodies.”

In a celebration of women’s bodies, Haydar added, “It was just very important to challenge that narrative and to challenge that story — that not all women’s bodies look the same, and women’s bodies should not look the same.”

A few days after the initial release the video had about 500,00 views according to Buzzfeed. The viral sensation now has over 800,000 views on YouTube and 1.1 million views on Facebook.

“Hijabi” is only the first glimpse of what is to come from her album to be released this year, according to NPR.

Jenna Manto

If you can handle the jump from Stromae to Thomas Rhett to John Mayer, then you should ride with me.

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