Showtek & Brooks New Single ft. Natalie Major “On Our Own”

Just recently, Armada signed a new deal to work with the talented Showtek. The duo, who are based in NYC and Miami, have released a new single between Showtek & Brooks featuring Natalie Major called “On Our Own.”

Watch the video below!


The guys took the approach for the video that everyone should be an individual no matter what. This is a strong message given the current political landscape we are living in. This genre has always been about inclusion and being yourself. Clubs like the Paradise Garage back in the ’70s and ’80s were represented by all colors and orientations when there was no other place that could allow for people to come together to be themselves. The same goes for today’s festival and club scene.

Showtek’s previous track, “Believer,” with Major Lazer acquired almost 75 million plays on YouTube, combining official and lyric video as well as Spotify. The official video essentially displays the Syrian refuge crisis on film and links to Save The Children to raise awareness.

Streaming link:

Remi Helfant
Remi Helfant


Social media junkie who enjoys traveling, fashion and music! Attending concerts with thousands of strangers watching her favorite artists perform definitely has to be one of the best feelings in the world.

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