Rep. John Conyers steps down as Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, denies sexual misconduct allegations


Rep. John Conyers (MI) has officially stepped down as the top Democratic representative on the House Judiciary Committee, yet still denies recent sexual misconduct allegations.

In his statement, 88-year old Democrat denied recent allegations, however, after “careful consideration” still decided to step down during the investigation.

Website BuzzFeed  revealed Monday that office of the longest-serving member of the House of Representative paid his former female Washington staff member over $27,000 to settle a complaint in 2015 that she was fired due to rejecting sexual advances from Conyers.

House Committee on Ethics made an announcement the following day stating it has begun investigating Conyers due to receiving multiple allegations of age discrimination and sexual misconduct involving his staff members.

John Conyers, who is married and has two sons, is another high ranking Democratic politician who has been recently accused of multiple sexual harassment and missteps. Joining the likes of Al Franken and Bill Clinton, Democrats have shown extreme persistence on accusing President Trump on sexual misbehavior, yet it seems like Democrats tend to get involved in sexual scandals at a much higher rate.


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