Oliver Ingrosso and Adam Avant Q&A

Making an epic return to the music scene, Swedish producer Oliver Ingrosso has teamed up with fellow Swede Adam Avant for a euphoric collaboration on the new song named “Somebody.”

Showcasing the duo’s exceptional ability to craft uplifting and empowering productions, “Somebody” is an outstanding cut that is destined to get the crowds dancing over its 3-minute duration. The song employs an infectious hook and a soulful topline that displays an undeniably catchy creation. Released to perfectly synchronize with the start of festival season, “Somebody” has all the right elements to become one of this year’s most popular festival anthems.

Oliver Ingrosso has dedicated his life to dance music and has spent the last few years building up a long list of tributes. He has written tracks with Avicii and Otto Knows, received support from industry tastemakers including Tiësto, Sebastian Ingrosso and Armin Van Buuren and been on global tours, both solo, and supporting the likes of Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, Adrian Lux and Adam Beyer.

Standing out from the masses with a consistent stream of innovative releases, Adam Avant has already played an array of festival and club shows across the globe, solidifying his position as one of the most promising producers in the game. Working together in perfect harmony, Oliver and Adam’s shared passion for electronic dance music beams out of their first collaboration.

Oliver and Adam were kind enough to sit down with Beat Weekly and answer some questions.

Beat Weekly: Oliver, which pivotal moment made you want to make your epic return to the DJ spotlight?

Oliver: I would say that happened after feeling the urge to show the world that there is still more than noise to this scene!

Beat Weekly: What drew you to Adam Avant?

Oliver: Our manager introduced us and we liked each other’s sounds… Just happened very naturally.

Beat Weekly: Was the creation of “Somebody” difficult to capture as the exact sound you were looking for?

Oliver: In the studio things just flowed nicely! When I go into the studio I normally don’t really set out to do something specific. I have my sound, so everything usually points in a certain direction anyway.

Beat Weekly: Adam, how was the experience working with Oliver Ingrosso?

Adam: It was great working with Oliver; we both like the same kind of music so it wasn’t difficult at all to come up with something great that we both felt was amazing.

Beat Weekly: Has being a self taught DJ been more challenging to develop with the growth of your music?

Adam: I really enjoy being self-taught and I feel that everything I do comes from really hard work and dedication. It all comes pretty natural to me when it comes to developing my sound; I try to find inspiration from everything in life.

Beat Weekly: Are there any traits of Oliver that you find inspiration from?

Adam: He has a wicked sense of humor, haha. Other than that, we really liked working together.

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