Nico Segal’s New Jazz Band Drops Debut Album

You’ve probably heard Nico Segal’s trumpet work before, you just might not know it.

Segal is better known by his stage name, Donnie Trumpet, under which he worked alongside Chance the Rapper on songs like “Sunday Candy,” as well as their Surf album with The Social Experiment.

Now, Segal has teamed with high school friend and pianist Julian Reid, drummer Everett Reid, and bassist Lane Beckstrom to form a new jazz quartet called “The JuJu.”

Noisey recently spoke with Segal about the creation of the band and the making of Exchange, The JuJu’s debut 7-track instrumental mixtape.

For fans of Chance the Rapper, jazz, or smooth, melodic jams, take a listen to Exchange below via Soundcloud.

Check out this live rendition of Segal playing Exchange’s opening track, “Morning of.”

Andrew Foerch

Journalism student, news writer, film enthusiast, and hip-hop head. Hopefully some people enjoy reading my opinions.

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