New Information Regarding Prince’s Death is Released

Almost a year after Prince’s death, more information regarding the investigation has been released.

Prince’s doctor, Michael Schulenberg, has been accused by some of prescribing painkillers for the singer under a false identity. Schulenberg’s lawyer, Amy Conners, recently denied these claims, however.

Prince died on April 21, 2016, from an overdose on Fentanyl, a strong opioid that he had supposedly been using to alleviate hip pain. Newly-unsealed court documents just revealed that when police searched Prince’s residence shortly after his death, they found a huge stash of prescription drugs.

“During the search warrant of Prince’s home, detectives located numerous narcotic controlled substance pills in various containers and areas of Prince’s bedroom, some of which were in a suitcase with the name tag of ‘Peter Bravestrong,’” said one of the documents that was recently unsealed. Police think that this Peter Bravestrong was an alias for Prince.

There were multiple prescription containers in the suitcase with the name ‘Kirk Johnson,’ Prince’s bodyguard, on them.

The documents alleged that Schulenberg had told a Carver County Sheriff’s detective that he had issued a prescription for oxycodone a week prior to Prince’s death. They also stated that Schulenberg said this was because Prince had had a medical emergency on a plane, and in order to maintain his privacy, he put the oxycodone prescription in Kirk Johnson’s name.

This, by the way, is illegal. However, Schulenberg’s lawyer dismissed these claims.

According to, Conners released a statement saying, “Contrary to headlines and media reports published in the wake of (the) unsealing of search warrants relating to the investigation, Dr. Schulenberg never directly prescribed opioids to Prince, nor did he ever prescribe opioids to any other person with the intent that they would be given to Prince.”

Conners says that Schulenberg will continue to be transparent in regards to the Prince investigation.

Similarly, Johnson’s lawyer stated that he did not supply the drugs that killed Prince: “After reviewing the search warrants and affidavits released today, we believe that it is clear that Kirk Johnson did not secure nor supply the drugs which caused Prince’s death.”

Liz MacLean
Liz MacLean

Liz MacLean is a New Hampshire native currently living in Florida. She blogs about fitness and nutrition in her spare time (while listening to her favorite bands, of course).

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