Nas’s “Illmatic” Still Has Speakers Bumping After 23 years

“Nas is like life or death” as Nas spit on his famous song “Nas is like”. Little did people know back in 1994 how big of a rap star Nas would be in the near future. The platinum album “Illmatic” was Nas’s first studio album, and is regarded as one of the greatest hip hop albums in history.

Nas grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and he is regarded as one of the first rappers (alongside Notorious B.I.G) to stir up the East Coast vs. West Coast hip hop feud in the mid 1990’s. “Illmatic” features big hits “New York State of Mind”,  “The World is yours”, and “One Love” featuring Q-Tip.

We can thank Nas for regenerating the hip hop world along the East coast. Listen to some of Nas’s blasts from the past below:

John Feltman
John Feltman

John Feltman is a journalism student, sports enthusiast, and hip-hop music listener. He likes the old Kanye, not the new Kanye.

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