Love and War to Be Released April 21

Brad Paisley’s highly anticipated album will be released on April 21.

The country music community cannot wait until this record gets released to the public due to the amount of down-to-earth tracks.

Paisley has already pre-released a few songs from the album which include, “Heaven South,” “Last Time For Everything,” “Gold All Over The Ground,” and his number one hit, “Today.”

You can see Brad Paisley on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon tonight on NBC, as he will be discussing Love and War in more detail.

In addition to the album being released tomorrow, Paisley has already released the music video for “Heaven South.”

The country music community as well as myself cannot wait until this record becomes public.

This is us. #HeavenSouth. Watch the full video on my Facebook page.

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Cristian Pranzo

Cristian Pranzo was born and raised in New Jersey but he probably knows more than you about singers from the South.

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